We take the best bits of both to offer something better.

Traditional mortgage brokers give you personal advice but can be inconvenient and often charge a fee, many also don't take care of your entire application - leaving you to contact solicitors and speak to the lender. Comparison websites are free and convenient, but don’t give you personal advice.

  • We offer free, personal advice online – when and wherever you want it.
  • We assign you with a dedicated customer success manager who is your point of contract throughout the mortgage process. They will ensure you remain up to date with what stage your application is up too.
  • We handle all the admin and speak to solicitors, estate agents and anybody else to make sure your mortgage completes quickly and hassle-free.

Yes you got it right.. we don’t charge any brokers fees. If you get a mortgage using Zinga, the lender you use has to pay us a fee – this is standard across the industry. These fees never affect our advice. Our reputation and livelihood depend on us always giving our customers the best possible advice. The important bit is: we’ll never charge you a penny.

The short answer is yes, because you can't get a mortgage without a credit check - but there are two important points you should know.

First, we'll never 'hard' credit check you without asking for your explicit permission first. Second, we need to carry out a 'soft' credit check in order to find you the best mortgage - but this won't affect your credit score in any way and it won't show up on your credit file.

It’s all explained in our privacy policy, but basically: we won’t spam you and we won’t pass on your data to other companies so that they can spam you. We hate that.

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The FCA exists to make sure financial markets work well and give customers a fair deal.

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